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Sunrise host Nat Barr wows fans with transformation: ‘Stunning’

Sunrise host Nat Barr has given fans a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into getting her ready to present the breakfast show.

Sunrise posted a video on its Instagram account, showing Nat in her natural state with bed hair and a face devoid of makeup.

She then hits the camera before revealing her stunning early-morning transformation after having her hair and makeup done.

Nat also shows off her outfit for the breakfast program – cream pants and a powder blue blouse.

Nat Barr with no makeup on (left) and her dolled up (right).

Nat Barr shared a video of her transformation for Sunrise. Source: Instagram

“If only it was this quick! We loved this look from yesterday,” Sunrise captioned the video on Wednesday.

Fans were stunned by the host’s before and after video, with many saying the host was “stunning”.

“So stylish,” one said.

“Just like magic,” another commented.

“You look fantastic,” a third said.

“Beautiful before and after,” someone else claimed.


Nat often stuns fans with her gorgeous Sunrise looks, with one outfit she wore in February gaining extra attention.

She wore a sleeveless black Carla Zampatti frock with a high, slightly cowled neckline and an oversized faux leather belt.

After posting a photo of herself in the outfit to Instagram, Nat was inundated with compliments from fans and viewers who couldn’t get enough of the look.

“Wow I love this outfit!! I think it’s the best so far,” one person said.

“I need this outfit in my life,” another commented.

Others describe the dress as “classy and beautiful” and “absolutely stunning”.

In June she attended the Tour de cure annual black-tie Snow Ball, wearing a gold sleeveless top and a long black skirt.

Nat was recently missing from the Sunrise desk after coming down with Covid, and when she returned last week she said her lingering illness made her feel like she “had a couple of wines”.

Although she wasn’t back to her usual self, she did let her colleagues know that she wasn’t contagious and had the all-clear from her doctor to return.

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