Streets’ Golden Gaytime has teamed up with OAK – Michmutters

Streets’ Golden Gaytime has teamed up with OAK

Two iconic Australian brands have joined forces to create a frozen treat that many will be lining up to get their hands on.

Golden Gaytime has teamed up with OAK to create a chocolate twist on the iconic ice cream.

The treat has an OAK-inspired ice cream centre, dipped in a layer of chocolate, and is smothered in Golden Gaytime’s famous delicious biscuit pieces with a choccy twist.

Streets spokeswoman Annie Lucchitti said: “Golden Gaytime has been an Aussie favorite for over 50 years and we’re known for some pretty impressive flavor experiences!

“Golden Gaytime OAK brings the iconic elements of Golden Gaytime together with the unmistakeable OAK Choc Milk flavor hit. It’s creamy, crumbly, choccy – delicious.

“It’s a crowd pleaser that’s for sure. We’re ecstatic to be bringing the next level of Golden goodness to market!”

The release of the new ice cream will be staggered, hitting the shelves exclusively at IGA and Ritchies stores on Thursday, August 4.

In September, Golden Gaytime OAK will be available in Coles, petrol stations and convenience stores.

The ice creams can be purchased in a box of four for $9.50.

It’s the latest collaboration from OAK, after Allen’s beloved Milk Bottles were transformed into OAK-flavoured lollies.

The confectionary company revealed in July the beloved brands were collaborating.

The Milk Bottles come in two OAK-inspired packs and come in two flavours.

One is an Oak-inspired iced coffee – a chocolate and malt blend.

The second is strawberry, with the new Milk Bottles being sold as standalone bags of lollies.


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