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Street Fighter 6’s Next Characters Are Juri And The All-New Kimberly

It wouldn’t be an EVO without some character announcements, so Capcom took the opportunity this evening to show off the next two characters making up Street Fighter 6’s roster: the return of Juri, alongside Kimberly, a fighter making her series debut.

You can see both in action below in this trailer. Juri makes her entrance with one of the slickest Akira slides I’ve seen for a while, while Kimberly is described by Capcom as, uh, a “spunky new ninja”, who has special moves involving spray cans and a walkman:

Of course this isn’t really the first time we’ve seen Kimberly, who is the first playable African-American woman in street-fighter series history. She was teased in the game’s announcement trailer, and we saw her full design de ella (as well as Juri’s) in that art leak from a few months back.

That leak is probably going to spoil a lot of these announcements going forwards, at least a little, though I guess it has also got us wanting to see more of some of the cooler examples, like China’s AKI and Italy’s glorious new gladiator.

Street Fighter 6 is due sometime next year.


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