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Stolen bodega cat returned to its owners at Brooklyn deli

It’s a purrfect ending to the tale of Boka, the stolen bodega cat.

A mysterious intermediary returned the feline to the Green Olives Deli & Grill in Park Slope a week after a catnapper grabbed the gray kitty outside the Seventh Avenue shop.

Abdulmajeed Albahri, one of three owners of the bodega, said he was reunited with Boka at 5 am Saturday when he arrived an hour before the store opened for the day.

“He was waiting exactly in front of the doors,” Albahri said, adding he spent the next hour playing with the cat and giving him treats.

Video posted to the cat’s KediBoka Instagram account shows the kitty looking up expectantly as his owner opened the deli door to see him.

But how Boka came back is still not clear.

He went missing on July 29 when video captured a man dressed in khakis, a white shirt and a light blue hat lingering outside the store. He is seen scooping up the cat and spiriting him off.

Appeals to get Boka back, along with photos of the fiend, were posted to TikTok and Instagram. The cat’s disappearance also garnered wide media attention.

Boka was returned at 5 am one morning outside the bodega.
A stolen cat was returned to a warehouse in Park Slope.
stefano giovanni
Boka was retuned at 5 am on a Saturday morning.
Abdulmajeed Albahri was reunited with Boka one hour before the bodega opened for business on Saturday.
stefano giovanni

The spotlight paid off.

“There was someone who came to the store yesterday and he told me he has news about the cat,” Albahri said Saturday. “He told me he was trying to convince the guy to return the cat.”

Albahri said the Good Samaritan did not provide many details and he didn’t get the man’s name.

“I told him it’s OK for now. I just need my cat back,” he said.

Albahri with the posters asking for Boka's return.
Boka went missing on July 29 after video saw a man taking the cat from the bodega.
By 7:30 pm Friday Boka had been returned home to the bodega.
Albahri said someone had come in and said they were trying to convince the person who had stolen the cat to return it.
stefano giovanni

By 7:30 pm Friday, the cat was once again at the deli home where he has lived since January and looked none the worse, Albahri said.

His fans even came to visit after Albahri posted the news on Boka’s Instagram page.

Albahri said Boka brings life to the store because he’s such an active cat, if not somewhat finicky.

“The cat food we sell in the store, sometimes he doesn’t like it,” he said.

Although a complaint had been filed with the NYPD about Boka’s disappearance, police said they did not have any updates Saturday on his return or an arrest.


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