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Spotify will make play and shuffle button update exclusive to Premium subscribers

Spotify Premium users will get more control in the coming weeks, as the music streaming service will push out an update that will separate the play and shuffle buttons. Currently, the play and shuffle buttons are combined for Spotify Premium and Spotify Free account holders.

While it doesn’t seem like a huge deal, separating the play and shuffle buttons will give users a more streamlined experience. This will apply to users listening to albums or playlists. Although this might not seem like such a big deal, it was for one artist, Adele, who called out Spotify’s shuffle experience for an album release last year. The artist was able to have the service turn shuffle off by default, allowing users to listen to albums as intended. To make things more transparent for users, Spotify will double down on this concept, allowing its paid subscribers to get an improved user interface.

The music streaming service recently announced that it had grown its total subscriber count to 433 million, with 188 million premium subscribers. Despite its dominance, it has regularly brought improvements to its platform. For example, it recently introduced Friends Mix, Blend, Supergrouper, and more. However, while the company has succeeded with its service, it has not done so well regarding hardware, as it recently announced that it would discontinue its Car Thing accessory.

The update will roll out to Android and iOS users in the coming weeks. This will be a global release and should hit all regions. The update is for Premium users, so if you’re on a free Spotify account, you can expect nothing to change. However, if you want to try out Spotify, click the link below. The app can also be found on the App Store for iOS devices. Now, if we could only get Spotify Hi-Fi sometime this year.

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