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Splatoon 3 Will Offer Bonuses To Players Who Import Their Splatoon 2 Saves

Splatoon 2 players eagerly awaiting the release of Splatoon 3 on Nintendo Switch will be rewarded with a ton of bonuses to speed up their gameplay progression.

A blog post on Nintendo’s website revealed that players who have save data for Splatoon 2 stored on their Nintendo Switch will be given somewhat of a head start in the new game.

Three main weapons can be unlocked immediately instead of having to wait until a certain level has been reached, meaning players can keep battling with their favorites from Splatoon 2 without having to rank up a ton first.

Anarchy Battles – Splatoon 3’s new ranked mode – will also be available from the start, and players will be matched in all modes with players who shared a similar skill level in Splatoon 2. Nintendo also states that these players will start the game with a higher rank depending on their rank in the second game, but didn’t specify if the level would be matched exactly, if players would be granted a few bonus ranks, or whatever else.

“Five out of five Squid Research Lab scientists recommend transferring data from Splatoon 2 if you have it,” the post said.

While all of these features will eventually be available to brand new Splatoon players, it appears Nintendo’s intention is to allow veteran players to get straight back into the competitive action they experienced in the five year old Splatoon 2.

This system also stops these veteran players from matchmaking with new ones, meaning there should be a more even playing field for everyone involved when Splatoon 3 is released on September 9.

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