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Smartphone users spend four to five hours on social media

According to the first study, users spend four to five hours enjoying the installed mobile applications.

The study, carried out in 13 countries, found that the mobile phone in which you choose can be used is as a mobile phone.

After the Covid-19 tragedy, the time spent with the smartphone got more expensive.

The company – formerly called App Annie – created a study in 13 countries to determine the use of mobile applications, but no Portuguese was found to be involved in this study.

They found that the smartphone users spend several hours doing their own research. In fact, every day, each user spends four to five hours watching mobile apps.

This study also shows that for the moment users are less focused on mobile devices, since there were many more people at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This exponential increase came because people are confined and use mobile applications for all kinds of connecting to the world, such as online shopping, etc. Now that growth has slowed down and we spend only four to five hours a day focusing on the small screen.

A user spends four to five hours using mobile devices, mainly those in social networks [email protected]/Unsplash.

And what is the most used mobile application? Without any doubt none of these people refer to social networks. Instagram and TikTok have proven users preferences the social network began, by the way, to grow considerably even the highest levels of the world’s confined population.

Plus, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram are the daily companions of a large part of users who are under this study.

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