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Smart irrigation system comes in third generation

Smart home gadgets have long been available not only for the interior of your own four walls. Garden lovers can also simplify their care with the help of practical helpers. A good example is the smart watering controller Eve Aqua. The gadget for the water connection in the garden comes now already in the third generation in the trade and offers a lot of new things.

Water your garden automatically with Eve Aqua

The irrigation system is said to have undergone significant improvements in its now third generation. In addition to a more robust design, which is supposed to provide more resistance, the manufacturer also promises a higher-quality design. The new design is not only supposed to look more elegant, but in combination with revised features, it is also supposed to ensure quieter operation. But what can Eve Aqua do anyway? As a smart home gadget, you can integrate the irrigation system into your own network. Once set up, you can easily water your garden via your iPhone. You can use the app or Siri to do this. Alternatively, there is a button on the Eve Aqua itself that you can use to start watering.

Eve Aqua
(Image: Eve)

Of course, the biggest advantage of the irrigation system is that your garden will be watered despite your absence. Especially if you are on vacation for several weeks, Eve Aqua certainly proves to be an extremely practical gadget. You can set up a schedule within the app so that your plants are always watered. Thanks to an integrated timer, Eve Aqua works its schedule even without an Internet connection. This means you can turn off your other electronic devices, including your Wi-Fi router, when you’re away. To save money and protect the environment, the app also gives you the option to see how much water you have used.

Interior of Eve Aqua with new valve

Compared to its predecessor, the third-generation irrigation system looks much classier. This is especially due to the new front, which now comes in matte black. However, not only the design, but also the inner workings are said to have changed. You’ll now find a new solenoid valve, which is supposed to have many advantages.

Eve Aqua
Eve Aqua promises compatibility with most manufacturers. (Image: Eve)

The manufacturer promises not only that it should be more durable. On top of that, you should not have to worry about leaks and probably benefits from a quieter mechanism. The multicompatible irrigation system will be equipped with a metal thread, which should correspond to the connections of popular manufacturers.

Nothing works here without iOS

Anyone who is thinking about purchasing Eve Aqua should be aware that nothing works here without Apple HomeKit. Consequently, you need an iOS device like iPhone or iPad for both setup and operation.

Eve Aqua
(Image: Eve)

However, since Eve Aqua also has “Thread”, a firmware update coming soon should provide more compatibility. Thus, the irrigation system should offer the standard “Matter” and thus, for example, also be controllable via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Price and availability

You can buy Eve Aqua now for an MSRP of €149.95 on the official manufacturer site or at Amazon. If you want to make your home even smarter, you might be interested in the SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2 curtain robot (test) or the Aqara Camera Hub G3 (test).

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