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Situation with bloody woman calling for help from inside truck was a misunderstanding

A situation involving a bloody woman yelling for help from inside of a tractor-trailer turned out to all be a big misunderstanding, according to police.

South Brunswick police say a witness reported that he saw a woman in her 20s who appeared to be bloody calling for help from inside of a white tractor-trailer cab. It happened Wednesday afternoon on Route 130 in South Brunswick near the Dayton Toyota dealership.

The report sparked a massive effort to find the woman, the male driver, and the truck.

But police now say that the woman and the driver are married. They say that the investigation revealed that the woman was standing inside the truck and fell and hit her head while taking a tight turn onto Route 130 South.

That Volvo tractor-trailer was towed to the South Brunswick Police Department Thursday evening after it was identified.

“At about 5:10 this evening we made contact with all the individuals involved,” says Det. Sgt. Tim Hoover.

The man and woman were found at their home in the Iselin section of Woodbridge. Police say that after questioning them, detectives learned that the truck was pulled over before the woman was hurt and in a panic. They say that the witness misunderstood what he was seeing.

Police say the husband pulled his wife in and sped off to get her help. They actually went to a Rite Aid for bandages, a fact that police confirmed.

The couple had just driven away from Gabrielli Trucking across the street where they’d been buying a battery. That company’s surveillance video helped police track down the truck and the two inside.

“We have to give a lot of credit to Gabrielli Trucking Sales,” says Deputy Chief Jim Ryan. “They pieced together video. That video is from 15 minutes prior to the video we gave out yesterday that puts the male and female at that location.”

Police say that when they found this couple, they were unaware they were wanted.

Police say the story checks out. They say that after falling, the wife even sent a photo of the injury to her daughter de ella to tell her what happened.

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