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Seth Meyers Roasts the Hell Out of Trump’s ‘Face-Melt’ Photo

Seth Meyers returned to late night this Wednesday after taking a week off to recover from his second bout of COVID. And while he couldn’t cover everything he missed while he was away, he was not going to let the opportunity go by to make some brutal jokes about a photo of Donald Trump looking a little worse for wear during his recent Saudi-sponsored golf tournament.

In the middle of an unrelated bit about Trump’s double “ERIC” endorsement in Missouri’s GOP Senate primary, Meyers noted that both Eric Greitens and eventual winner Eric Schmitt “bragged that they had been endorsed by Trump, a man who, again, is not only under multiple active criminal investigations for inciting a coup to overthrow American democracy, but is also starting to look less like a former president and more like the Nick Nolte mugshot.”

“I mean, is his head getting smaller or is his hat getting bigger?” the host asked. “It looks like his hat from him is some kind of organism feeding on his blood from him. Look how pale he is! He looks like he’s starring in the next Martin McDonagh film as the ghost of an Irish priest opposite Colin Farrell.”

But he still wasn’t finished. “Look, I know they say that all presidents age rapidly,” Meyers said, “but Trump looks like he’s halfway through a Raiders of the Lost Ark face-melt. It’s like they opened the Ark, his face started to melt, but then he slammed it shut real fast. But then his face just stayed that way.

It was only after Meyers did an extended Trump impression ranting about how he had to open the Ark of the Covenant to look for Hunter Biden’s laptop that he felt ready to return to more substantive news like the results of Tuesday’s primaries.

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