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Secrets of world’s most exclusive sex club Snctm revealed by performer

Whispers travel across the dimly-lit room that an A-list female star is among the masked guests at a top-secret Snctm sex party.

Members, who pay up to $50,000 a year to attend orgies in lavish settings, are sipping champagne and cocktails by the bar, while some are already exploring each other’s bodies, The Sun reported.

This is a regular evening at work for Haley Grace, who puts on a tantalizing display with fellow performers, and has recalled her experiences working for the elite society.

The high-end erotic arts club, which launched in 2013, has become a sexy night-life staple in cities including LA and New York, offering guests the chance to realize their wildest sexual fantasies.

Haley is a performer, model, costume designer, and producer who has been working at the club’s intimate events since last September, often held in mansions or luxury penthouses.

Her specialty acts range from fire performance, burlesque, and roller-dancing to environmental character performances. She is also a professional mermaid.

She says her shows for Snctm are “expressive, elegant, and sensual,” and dare the viewer to transcend reality and enter a world of fantasy, reminiscent of the 1999 film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ starring Tom Cruise.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, she said: “I first heard of Snctm through a night-life venue I perform at, and my first

time attending was actually as a guest.

“I went with a date and we had an absolutely amazing time. I went to the next event again as a guest but alone.

“It was a different experience but exciting and satisfying nonetheless.“At this point, I had gotten to know many of the people involved in making SncTM and it really made me want to be a part of the

team, so I applied to become one of their performers.

“The following event they had I was making my debut performance. I have been a XXX performer for a year now.”

She admitted: “My friends know of my role with Snctm but I have never felt the urge to make it a family discussion.

“I’m polyamorous and also perform with my main partner.

“Doing acts with him is great because the performance is really enhanced when the chemistry between two people is real and they know each other’s bodies.”

When it comes to guest relations, she said performers do interact with them by mingling and flirting to ensure they are having a good time and getting in the mood.

However, as a general rule, performers do not hook up with guests.

“I don’t have any sexual contact with guests – I only physically interact with the other XXX models that I have consented to perform with,” Haley said.

“The show is always different and so is every evening. At the last Snctm party, I did a beautiful bondage scene while being serenaded by a violinist – it was divine.”

She says the crowd of up to 100 is made up of “beautiful, wealthy people” working in everything from business and finance to the arts, including many well-known faces.

Recalling one night in New York which sticks in her mind, Haley said she rubbed shoulders with a female celebrity and the pair had a memorable conversation.

Asked if she’s ever been starstruck at Snctm, she said: “Yes, there was one time I definitely was. And I got the opportunity to talk to them for a while.

“It was an A-list female star, people like to do this in secret and be able to kind of shed their inhibitions.”

Asked if the star got involved with any fellow guests, Haley giggled and replied: “I can’t speak on that.”

Quizzed if the club still gets many big names through its doors, she said: “I’m not really the best with celebrity names and faces, but people do get excited like, ‘Oh, so and so is here’. So that’s fun.

“The organizers are very strict about people’s phones, they are taken at the door. And they have really good security.

“Consent is also the most important thing. They really do a good job of making sure that it’s like a safe space for everyone, not just celebrities.”

The parties run from around 10pm until 3pm and Snctm has also hosted events in the likes of Miami and Moscow, with actress Gwyneth Paltrow even reportedly promoting the club.

“Typically when people arrive, men are in tuxedos, and women are dressed in evening gowns with sexy lingerie underneath,” Haley said.

“They’ll go over to the bar, get a cocktail. We’ll have some more ambient performers.

“And then the night kind of progresses from there. The performances are spread out between rooms.

“We have different stage pieces. There’s a lot of attention to detail, decor, props, things of that sort, lighting, and music.

“A lot of times we’ll have live musicians. I’ve done scenes where I was also being serenaded by either a harpist or violinist, there can be a really beautiful, dark ambience.”

While many sex parties involve guests going off into private rooms to get down and dirty, Haley said Snctm is more of a “play party.”

“The point is really more to play in public,” she said. And then there are people who are fly on the wall [voyeurs].”

Guests get down to business – kissing and engaging in foreplay, in either couples or groups, while others go all the way and enjoy full sex in front of fellow members.

Haley said since events were canceled throughout the pandemic due to safety, Snctm is now more popular than ever, insisting: “We’re always packed out.”

Snctm has thrived under new ownership for the past few years and they have also welcomed a new creative director, Inka Nevala, an award-winning performance artist who also goes by Lou Lou D’vil.

Haley said the majority of her parties have been in New York, with a few in Los Angeles, and she’ll arrive at the event in the afternoon to have her hair and makeup done.

“Next, I will do a run-through and discussion with the creative director and my performance partner(s) about the scenes I’m in.

“Following that I get into costume and do a photo shoot. I usually have plenty of time to relax and socialize until getting ready for the doors to open and the real fun to begin.

“I’ll often start the evening doing a more ambient performance and then later on in the night will do the more intense sex scenes on the main stage with my partner(s).

“I’ll typically have three performative moments throughout the night.”

Haley said she’d encourage couples or single women to join Snctm, describing it as a “sexual oasis” and ”a unique experience.”

She added: “If you are a sexually open-minded person, or want to open up more, it’s a great way to find like minds and try new things.

“The feedback I get from guests is really positive. A lot of first-timers have expressed to me that they were surprised with how open and inspired they felt being there.”

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission


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