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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab: What we know so far


Samsung Unpacked is just a few days away, but the rumor mill is already going into overdrive about a more distant Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab.

Samsung fanatics probably need no reminder that Samsung Unpacked will be hitting their screens on 10 August. Some marquee announcements are expected to include new additions to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Flip lines.

But rumor says that Samsung isn’t done innovating foldable displays. In fact, its very first foldable tablet, possibly titled the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab, may be close on the horizon.

Here’s everything we think we know about this reported device. For more information, check out our guide to the 9 best tablets in Australia.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab release date

Recent reports say that Samsung plans to launch the Fold Tab on the same day as the Galaxy Tab S9 series. Based on the history of Galaxy Tab launches, this should take place around January–February 2023.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab price

One area in which the rumor mill has been rather quiet is the price of a potential Galaxy Z Fold Tab. Galaxy Z Fold phones have gradually been getting cheaper from generation to generation, but the latest entry in the series still starts at a whopping $2,499.

What’s more, leaked retail listings for the Fold 4 have suggested this trend may soon be bucked, with a moderate price increase expected to take place. All this is to say that foldable technology isn’t cheap and you should steel yourself to see the Galaxy Z Fold Tab launch with a sizeable price tag.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab design

The list of reports on Samsung display innovations is long. Earlier this year, we saw a patent submitted regarding a rollable display with a transparent section. We’ve also seen dual-folding and slidable prototypes and patents from the company.

It’s the dual-folding concept that has really taken the Internet by storm. The design involves 2 folding hinges that can be used to create a variety of form factors, including a very smartphone-reminiscent look when folded in on itself. When unfolded, it can create a unique S shape for a more 3-dimensional viewing experience.

Here are some renders that have been mocked up indicating how this technology might look if updated in the Galaxy Z Fold Tab.

The design would make the tablet pocket-sized when fully folded and could see a size upwards of 10 inches when completely unfurled. A space for an S Pen to dock and charge would also exist when the device is folded.

Once again, it’s just too early to say anything definitive about how the Galaxy Z Fold Tab will actually look. What we do know is that Samsung has a ton of incredible ideas and prototypes to work with. We can’t wait to see which ones come to fruition.

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