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Samsung executive gives details of the Galaxy Watch 5’s advanced sleep monitoring

Sleep tracking is becoming a more prominent feature of smartwatches these days, and many companies are working on delivering better sleep tracking capabilities to their smartwatch lineups. Samsung has recently announced its newest smartwatches: the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, and now a Samsung executive has shared how the sleep monitoring of the new watches has been improved, reports The Korea Herald.

Pre-order the Galaxy Watch 5 or the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

The two newest smartwatches by Samsung are now up for pre-order:

Samsung executive says the Watch 5 has the world’s most advanced sleep-tracking tech

Samsung Electronics executive vice president Yang Tae-jong, who is the head of health research and development in Samsung’s mobile experience unit, stated the Watch 5 sports the world’s most advanced tech for sleep tracking, during a press conference in New York. He underlined that the new wearable device features various technologies, including an innovative Bioactive sensor, and that those technologies will help make the Watch 5 the best partner for keeping healthy habits and sleep patterns.

Yang also noted that Samsung has been developing technologies related to sleep tracking for a long time. The Watch 5 monitors different stages of sleep, detects snoring, and also measures blood oxygen levels to determine how well you sleep, and to transform that info into a score.

On top of that, the sleep coaching function will provide customized programs for better and healthier sleep habits. The sleep coaching program is offered for free and is in cooperation with Samsung Medical Center.

But Samsung has not stopped yet. Yang stated the company is working with the US National Sleep Foundation, as well as with laboratories at UC San Diego and UC San Francisco for research on sleep technology. It is also working with those entities to utilize relevant data for clinical trials.

The Watch 5 also has a new temperature sensor, which uses infrared tech for a more accurate reading. It could also be used to measure sleep. However, the executive did not mention when the new temperature-measuring services will begin (those are yet to receive the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety’s, formerly the Korea Food & Drug Administration’s official approval).

Yang also stated that he believes smartwatches in the future could become more medically-centered and could be used to monitor patients and for digital treatments as well.

He underlined three pillars as the direction of Samsung’s health business: innovation, connectivity, and cooperation.

Galaxy Watch 5: recap of the improvements it brings over the Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 5 is now in its pre-order period (you can pre-order yours from the section above), and come with some notable improvements over its predecessor. It features a bigger battery and a big improvement in charging. The smartwatch can now last around eight hours after just eight minutes on the charger, and it now supports 10W wireless WPC-based charging.

In terms of features, the mentioned above innovative Bioactive sensor combines a host of specialized health sensors for accurate health data and fitness and wellness insights. The Watch’s Biometric analysis has been upgraded, and it now not only performs a comprehensive body composition analysis but will also give you advice on how to attain your goals.

It will also remind you to re-hydrate after an intense cardio session, for example. And, in terms of sleep, it will feature notifications for recurring sleep disorders such as sleep apnea (a condition in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts), if it detects something like that with its sleep monitoring capabilities. On top of that, the coaching plan the Watch 5 will provide for sleep will have individualized checkpoints, targets, and milestones, to help you build better sleep habits.

Stay tuned for our Galaxy Watch 5 review to see how we’ve found the smartwatch performs in all those categories mentioned above.

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