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Pro Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL combined


Taking the headlines, Pro Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL progression is now combined. VOLTA is the pick-up-and-play, launched in FIFA 20. A take on street football (RIP FIFA Street) where small-sided games and skills reign, with thousands of unlockable cosmetics available.

Now, wherever you play, your two avatars earn the same progression items. You’ll earn VOLTA coins and XP/skill points across both modes, taking the grind out of either mode. Great when you fancy casual VOLTA Arcade games over focused soccer.

In FIFA 22, Pro Clubs fans played for hours without making a dent in their level. Thanks to community feedback, the player progression system has been increased to 100 levels, allowing players to level up sooner.

There’s a host of new perks to unlock including ‘poacher’, ‘interceptor’, ‘light passes’ and an exciting new signature ability called ‘take flight’. You’ll be high-jumping at corners like Cristiano Ronaldo in no time.

At the end of a match, you’ll now see an accolades screen showing the top performers from your game, such as most distance covered and most tackles made. This is a great way of comparing yourself against the rest of your party without looking at the scoresheet.

Speaking of comparing performances, player ratings have had a refresh, and are now fairer on Pro Clubs players who play defensive roles and don’t score goals.

New, larger VOLTA stadium in rotation which has much bouncier walls and a bigger goal area. More space equals more time on the ball, and this will change the way VOLTA plays. Fans of the small, current arenas don’t fear – the new stadium will appear 50% of the time along with other arenas.

With every new game comes new cosmetics, and finally in FIFA 23, your Pro Clubs and VOLTA player can have tattoos! There are also loads of the latest soccer boots and facial accessories including the broken nose protector. Sadly, some of the sillier items won’t be usable in Pro Clubs. As ever, players can expect new content to be released in batches throughout the year.


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