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Preorders For The LEGO Atari 2600 Are Now Live

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Preorders for that LEGO Atari 2600 kit we told you about last week have just gone live on the LEGO website, and the site is already straining under the number of people trying to get in.

The site is currently so besieged with people trying to preorder the kit that it had to resort to waiting room queues. At the time of writing, visiting the LEGO Australia website returns a queue page on a looping 15-second countdown. Once you’ve moved through the queue, you’ll be allowed to enter the site and (should stock still be available) preorder a LEGO Atari.

Who would have thought a LEGO Atari 2600 kit would draw this kind of attention? Definitely not me. Something has changed within the LEGO sphere during the pandemic. We never used to have this kind of clamor for a kit before.

Similar to the Nintendo Entertainment System kit from a couple of years ago, the Atari 2600 kit features the console itself, a small living room diorama, a joystick, and several cartridges. It also features a little end table to keep the carts in and small 3D models of Adventure, asteroidsand Centipede. The complete kit comprises 2532 pieces, which is actually fewer than the 2647 pieces found in the NES kit. This will be a build for grown-ups and more complex than the average set.

If you want to preorder the LEGO Atari 2600, you can do so via the official LEGO Australia website. Good luck.

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