Police in New York shoot and injure four men they say opened fire at crowded party – Michmutters

Police in New York shoot and injure four men they say opened fire at crowded party

Around 11.35 pm Friday, plainclothes police from the violent crime squad were keeping watch on the party, being held in a residential area, from an unmarked car, NYPD Chief of Patrol Jeff Maddrey said during an overnight press conference.

Police “believed that there was a potential to be violence involving some of the local street crews,” Maddrey said.

Man accused of killing woman pushing their baby in a stroller is indicted on murder and firearm charges

The detectives saw a group of men who arrived at the house, pulled out at least three firearms and started firing at the party.

Maddrey said detectives exchanged gunfire with the group of men. Four were shot and taken to the hospital, where they were in stable condition as of Saturday morning, police told CNN.

Police said at least three firearms were recovered. None of the police officers were shot.

“There were a lot of people out here when this occurred,” Maddrey said. “They were basically firing into a crowd.”

“These details are going to illustrate how gun violence continues to beleaguer our communities, and again, I implore members of our community that it is so important to work together with your police so we can put an end to this gun violence,” Maddrey said .

Police have not yet named any of the injured men or detailed what charges they may be facing.

Police said no one else was injured in the shooting.


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