Pilot Medical Update: Round 21, 2022 – Michmutters

Pilot Medical Update: Round 21, 2022

Get the latest Pilot Medical Update ahead of Sunday’s Round 21 match against Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval.


Dylan Grimes, hamstring

“Dylan suffered a hamstring strain in the third quarter of the game on the weekend, which is really disappointing and frustrating for him and us. We’re in a situation at the moment when we’re getting some further investigation. He had some scans yesterday and it’s a high hamstring strain up around the upper tendon and the upper hamstring, an area where he’s had an issue in the past, 10 years ago he had some surgery on that same area… At this stage it’s probably looking doubtful that he’s going to play in the last three home and away games of the season. So, we’re going to need to have a look at what lies beyond that. We’ll gather some more information over the next couple of days and we’ I’ll give everyone an update.”

Dustin Martin, hamstring

“Dustin is progressing through a rehab phase still. We’re in a bit of a holding pattern with this one, he’s getting plenty of running volume into himself, but we’re still finding it a little challenging to progress his speed. Given the location of the injury, it means we have to build some more strength work in the gym and build his running base out here on the field. So, we’re not progressing his speed significantly this week. In terms of return to play, it’s We’re still very unclear. We’re hopeful (Round 23) is a possibility, but as time rolls on, if we’re not able to progress significantly in the next week or so, that starts to become a little less clear. Doing everything we can and Dustin’s working really hard, but we’re working with an injury that can be quite tricky and one that has challenged us quite a bit this year with some players. and everything that we can do and we’ll push forward.”

Samson Ryan, concussion

“Samson just needs to go through the 12-day concussion protocol so he’s through most of that now. He’s got to tick off some stuff with the cub doctor and will return to some modified training early this week and full contact training late in the week … I’d expect he’d be playing this weekend.”

Richmond Injury List:


Samson Ryan – concussion


Dylan Grimes – hamstring (medium-term)

Dustin Martin – hamstring (medium-term)

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