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Overwatch 2 Could Start Trialling $45 Skins

Overwatch 2 is officially going to be free-to-play, which is great news for the game’s predicted concurrent players at launch – but some long-term fans aren’t so enthused. There are a lot of nerves that the fact the hero shooter won’t be making its income from the price of entry means that Blizzard could turn to shadier means to leech cash out of their fans.

Though Blizzard isn’t expected to make use of loot boxes in the upcoming sequel, its reluctance to let go of the practice in the first game doesn’t exactly spell good news for players who are trying to simply enjoy the game without being forced to shell out. And now, it looks like Blizzard is starting to think about really pushing its luck in Overwatch 2.

Will Blizzard Introduce $45 Skins In Overwatch 2?

According to some fans, a survey is being sent out to Overwatch players asking them if they’d be willing to fork out $45 for a Mythic grade cosmetic skin. Guess what they think about it…

The survey was first noted by Twitter user Portergauge – saying that their friend had been sent the questionnaire that indicates a severe uptick from Blizzard. It asks how likely the user would be to pay $44.99 for a Mythic Skin, a Legendary Skin for $24.99, a collection of 3 sprays for $4.99, and a weapon charm for $9.99.

This is something that a lot have fans have been nervous could be coming toOverwatch 2and it’s not exactly a great sign despite only being a theoretical survey – and now Blizzard has had to respond.

Blizzard Responds To Overwatch Skin Controversy

In a response issued to IGN, Blizzard has commented on what the survey actually means for Overwatch 2. “This survey is entirely intended to better understand player preferences for different types of Overwatch 2 cosmetics,” the statement reads. “Prices displayed in the survey were randomized per user and are not indicative of final pricing. We plan to share details on our shop and battle pass system closer to our Oct. 4 launch.”

Though it’s not a direct reflection of the skin pricing that’s yet to come, it’s still a little unnerving to see our worst fears for the game’s cosmetics come to life in an official survey. Here’s hoping Blizzard is good on its word, but given the shady dealings of developers and publishers in the past, we wouldn’t hold our breath on this one.

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