Out-of-control car crashes into front yard of Flinders Park home, leaving path of destruction – Michmutters

Out-of-control car crashes into front yard of Flinders Park home, leaving path of destruction

South Australia Police are investigating an incident at Flinders Park last night where a car crashed into the front yard of a home, causing significant damage.

Sylvia and Giovanni — who did not want to provide their surname — said the car crashed into the yard of their Collingwood Avenue home about 7.15pm.

“I just heard this almighty bang, and it sounded almost like a bomb,” Giovanni said.

The car crashed into brick walls, a Stobie pole and two parked cars.

Giovanni said that, if the car had not hit the fence, it would have gone through their front windows.

“If you look at the marks on the road from the car, the trajectory, it would have been into our bedroom or lounge. [We’re] just lucky,” he said.

A woman in a dressing gown stands in front of her house with her arms folded
The crash caused significant damage to the front yard of Sylvia’s Flinders Park home. (abcnews)

Sylvia said the driver of the car was knocked unconscious.

“I rang up the police straight away … I saw the air bags and I saw two car seats at the back, children’s car seats, and I thought, ‘Oh, my God, I hope there’s no children in there’,” she said .

“I pushed the air bags away and no children but the driver was unconscious.”

A neighbor checked the man’s pulse while Sylvia was on the phone to the police.

“Then five minutes, he came to … and the next thing he pushed us and he just ran, he just bolted down the street, he was bleeding,” Sylvia said.

“There’s a young lad that chased after him around the corner. He should have gone in the Commonwealth Games, I said to him — and her ran in thongs — I don’t know how he did it.”

A damaged car sits in the front yard of a suburban house.
The driver was knocked unconscious but when he came to, he allegedly bolted down the street. (abcnews)

A 46-year-old man from Flinders Park was later taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with minor injuries.

Two cars had to be towed away and SA Power Networks had to attend to fix the Stobie pole, which had been badly damaged.

“It was just scary, the noise. We didn’t know what it was. My heart went out and you just don’t know, split second somebody could have been killed,” Sylvia said.

Police investigations are ongoing.


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