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Open relationships: Abbie Chatfield’s only sees boyfriend Konrad Bień-Stephen twice a week

When Abbie Chatfield revealed she was in an open relationship with boyfriend Konrad Bień-Stephen, people had a lot to say.

Despite the onslaught of unsolicited criticism she received, the “outspoken influencer” has been candid about their romance, regularly explaining why being “non-monogamous” works for them.

Now the 27-year-old has detailed exactly what makes the couple click in an exclusive new interview with Stellar magazine.

“I’ve never been upset or threatened by someone (I’m in a relationship with) sleeping with someone else. It’s my kink. I just never really valued monogamy that much,” she told the publication.

“It sounds awful, but I don’t really see him all that much, maybe two days a week. I don’t know if it’s scarcity, but he’s very good at communicating, and so am I.”

The couple first spoke out about their open relationship in February, sparking a barrage of criticism online that Abbie labeled “embarrassing”.

“Some of you f**kers are so embarrassingly triggered because you’re so insecure, you’re like ‘but if you love someone’, not me, not him,” she said on an episode of her popular podcast It’s A Lot.

“It’s fine, if that’s how you feel, be monogamous, love that for you

“But why do you care if I f**k someone else or he f**ks someone else.”

In a separate Instagram Stories post, Abbie told everyone who had strong opinions about their romance to “get a grip.”

“Just because you want everyone to want monogamy as much as you do, doesn’t mean that someone not wanting monogamy is a bad thing,” she said.

“Why does it affect you which genitals touch each other? Get a grip.”

Since first going public, Abbie has also been open about the highs and lows of being non-monogamous, most recently revealing she’d “finally” had sex with someone else.

The new Masked Singer panelist proudly announced she’d got some action during a podcast episode talking about her night at the 2022 Logies on the Gold Coast.

“I finally rooted someone which is nice. Good for me,” she said.

As well as discussing the dynamics of her relationship, Abbie also told Stellar she had “no idea” she would become so successful off the back of her stint on TheBachelor in 2019.

“It’s been fast and overwhelming and I do feel like a fish out of water a little bit,” she told the publication.

“On The Masked Singer I sit there with my water bottle thinking, ‘What the f*ck? Why am I sitting next to a Spice Girl’ and ‘how did all this happen?’

“It’s been a lot very quickly and I’m very grateful. But it also makes me think that it can very easily be taken away.”

Read Abbie Chatfield’s full interview in Stellar, available now in The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Herald Sun and The Sunday Mail


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