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Op shopper calls out exorbitant prices in Australian second hand stores

An Australian TikTok identity and op-shop lover has called out second hand stores across the country for bumping up their prices as an op-shopping trend gains popularity.

Melbourne based influencer Jaclyn has raised awareness through her platform about prices skyrocketing in her local thrift stores, saying she is “over” the price tags on recycled goods.

She said the rise in prices, especially for brands like Shein and Zara, is turning people towards fast fashion retailers instead of them supporting recycled clothing outlets.

Thrift stores, unlike vintage stores, have their pieces donated to them, and shouldn’t be charging as much, according to Jaclyn.

“Is anyone else getting completely over Australian thrift store prices these days?” she asked her audience.

“They just charge an arm and a leg for absolutely anything.”

She said she has grown up shopping at thrift stores and has continued the trend into her adulthood.

“I used to like the thrill of the hunt and finding a really special piece for a bargain price, but it seems that it’s getting kind of impossible to do that now,’ she said.

She called out thrift stores for taking advantage of people, particularly younger shoppers, now that “thrifting is quite a popular thing to do”.

She said if she wanted to spend that kind of money, she’d rather visit a vintage store instead.

Thrifting, or op-shopping, has become popular in recent years as a way for young people to find cheap, recycled clothing.

Shoppers are able to find unique pieces, without feeling like they’re leaving an environmental footprint by shopping at fast fashion retailers.


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