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OnlyFans job for nurse who was shocked to learn boyfriend had secret family – who she was paying for

A former nurse says she was forced to start a risky but high-paying job – after discovering her boyfriend had a secret family that she had been paying for.

Dara, 37, from Brooklyn in New York, regularly shares sexy snaps with her 271,000 followers on Instagram.

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But the pursuit morphed into her joining OnlyFans, and she now makes more than 16 times what she previously earned as a newborn intensive care unit nurse.

Dara needed the money after finding out her partner had another, secret girlfriend – who was eight months pregnant.

Even more shockingly, she claims her ex had been using her money to cover his budding family’s expenses.

Dara, who learned her boyfriend had a secret family – and she was paying their bills. Credit: Jam Press/@moneybirdette

In June 2019, Dara was working as a NICU nurse.

Although living pay to pay, she was also supporting her boyfriend – even agreeing to move across the US to live with him.

A month after moving to the Big Apple, Dara uncovered the truth about her boyfriend.

Not only did he have a heavily pregnant girlfriend, but Dara was financing them both.

“I found out through Facebook,” she told

“We were about to go and meet his mum, who lives abroad, and I went to follow her and noticed she was ‘friends’ with a profile of his that I didn’t know about.

The former nurse joined OnlyFans. Credit: Jam Press/@moneybirdette

“When I clicked on this alternative profile, I saw photos from a baby shower for his other girlfriend.

“I was so shocked, hurt and angry.”

Stuck in a lease in a swanky New York flat, Dara ditched her boyfriend.

But she soon found herself struggling to pay her bills.

Dara’s now glamorous life has been hard-earned. Credit: Jam Press/@moneybirdette

Looking for new ways to make ends meet – and wanting to show her ex what he was missing – she decided to try OnlyFans, launching her account in 2018.

Within her first month, she made $US30,000 ($A43,100) – the equivalent of her yearly nursing salary.

Now, she makes more than $A722,500 per year – and it’s all thanks to her cheating ex.

“I have a lot of pride and decided to just figure my financial situation out, rather than let a man take advantage of me,” Dara said.

“When I fell into debt, I ditched him, then got rid of my car, which was a money guzzler, and started an OnlyFans.

“The rest is history.”

In the beginning, she mostly posted behind-the-scenes images from photo shoots, but she couldn’t believe how much money was coming in.

“I remember thinking ‘I’m going to post whatever makes me as much money as possible’ and now I’m debt-free,” she said.

Dara had been living pay to pay while supporting her boyfriend. Credit: Jam Press/@moneybirdette

“For the first time, I can actually save money.”

Dara’s new job means she has turned her back on 13 years in health care but she has not looked back.

“I don’t plan to return to nursing as long as I keep making good money,” she said.

“I loved watching my patients grow and go home.

“But the job started to take a toll on my mental health.

“Being a nurse is emotionally taxing when you work in the intensive care unit, and I wasn’t making enough to make ends meet.

“I don’t regret my decision.”

As for her former partner, Dara reveals he still tries to contact her and he knows about her OnlyFans career.

She said: “He still contacts me to this day but I’ve blocked him.

“I want nothing to do with him.”

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