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NVIDIA Reportedly Assists Its AIBs With Ampere Stock Through Price Drops To Make Room For RTX 40 GPUs

Graphics card prices have declined since the beginning of the crash in crypto mining. While it could be attributed to price drops and availability, add-in-board (AIB) companies are still left with large overstocks of existing Ampere “GeForce RTX 30” GPUs in inventory. NVIDIA is now rumored to be assisting its AIB sellers in moving leftover NVIDIA Ampere quantities to make room for the next-gen RTX 40 lineup, reports Moore’s Law is Dead.

NVIDIA reportedly assisting AIBs in efficiently removing overstock of RTX 30 series to make room for RTX 40 series GPUs

According to Tom, NVIDIA made significant steps to find a resolution for the overstocked supply of the company’s RTX 30 series cards in partner’s stocks. The YouTuber explains in the video below how NVIDIA plans to help its partners further.

In the video, Tom states, “NVIDIA has directly stepped in to help AIBs clear their reserve stockpiles of GA 102 in exchange for big pre-purchases of Enthusiast Lovelace.” The YouTuber observed this information from his insiders in the field. He continues to state that even with NVIDIA’s assistance, several months will pass before any company can clear their premium GA102 (RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 GPUs) inventory. AIBs will be left “on their own” to take care of graphics card stocks consisting of low-end and mid-range GPUs, such as the RTX 3060 Ti and the RTX 3070.

The company’s overstock plans to assist AIBs to appear successful, with one of the sources commenting, “The channel is already starting to run dry of RTX 3090s, and the RTX 3090 Ti is starting to show signs of depleting stock as well.”

AMD and NVIDIA are expected to aggressively act towards the end of August if there are still large enough quantities to show concern. It is suggested that graphics card prices will continue to drop past the end of this month and are expected to grow again in September. NVIDIA may lower the costs even more, but AMD is anticipating leaving the market to keep pricing regular.

AMD and NVIDIA will release the next-gen graphics cards over the next several months, which may hurt the marketplace. One thing is sure: right now is the best time to begin shopping around for a replacement or upgradeable option for a newer graphics card for your personal or business systems.

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