Nuriyah Café in Sydney's owner responds to negative review

Nuriyah Café in Sydney’s owner responds to negative review

A cafe owner has issued a heartwarming response after a disabled member of staff was criticized in a one-star review.

Adam Kakaati came to the defense of his barista Vari Desho, who has Tourette’s, after a customer wrote in a review that his tics made her feel “uncomfortable”.

The customer said they felt forced to leave Nuriyah Café, in Gregory Hills in south west Sydney, without eating or paying for their food.

“Unfortunately the front of house team member had a physical condition which we initially dismissed,” the post read.

“It causes him to ‘bark’ and as we said, we thought it would happen especially as when he took our order it stopped completely.

“Unfortunately it then got much worse and much louder and more constant. We felt sooo bad and really wanted to stay but when it got so bad we couldn’t even have a conversation we very reluctantly had to cancel our order and leave.”

Mr Kakaati quickly hit back with a Facebook post of his own, saying the review left him feeling “so angry”.

“Today at Nuriyah it was brought to our attention that a customer took it upon themselves to post a negative review regarding one of our employees,” he said.

“Here at Nuriyah we treat all our staff and customers like family and we wanted to address how we feel about the incident that occurred over the weekend.

“We welcome and support anyone with a life changing condition.”

“I was so angry to see that review. It’s not right,” he told the Macarthur Chronicle.

“I told him don’t ever say sorry to someone like that. You haven’t done anything wrong.”

Regulars at Nuriyah agreed, showing their support on Facebook.

“I know this man personally, and it is very heartbreaking to see someone go to such lengths to write a review like that,” one wrote.

“He is such a nice man, who would do anything to make sure you are happy and comfortable. Shame on you.”


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