NRL 2022: Ricky Stuart weak-gutted dog spray, one-game suspension, fine, punishment, Jaeman Salmon, Raiders, Panthers – Michmutters

NRL 2022: Ricky Stuart weak-gutted dog spray, one-game suspension, fine, punishment, Jaeman Salmon, Raiders, Panthers

Raiders coach Ricky Stuart will reportedly be suspended for one game and slapped with a $20,000 fine for his “weak-gutted dog” spray directed towards Panthers player Jaeman Salmon.

Stuart produced the stunning comments after the Raiders’ loss to the Panthers on Saturday. It was triggered by Salmon kicking Raiders hooker Tom Starling during the game.

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“I have had history with that kid (Salmon). I know that kid very well,” he said.

“He was a weak gutted dog as a kid and he hasn’t changed now. He is a weak gutted dog person now.”

news corp Journalist Phil Rothfield reported on NRL 360 that Stuart will likely be stood down from coaching the Raiders’ clash with the Dragons on Sunday.

“I spoke to them (the NRL) about 15 minutes ago and Ricky Stuart will not be coaching the Canberra Raiders this weekend,” Rothfield said.

“In the next 24 hours they will announce, the NRL, a one-week suspension and a $20,000 fine.”

NRL 360 co-host Paul Kent revealed Stuart had spoken to Jason King at the Integrity Unit and revealed the “personal” story behind the attack on Salmon.

“I rang the NRL today, they are aware of it and they will put their investigation together and such is the personal nature of this investigation there will be things that will not be going into the written report,” he said.

“King will speak to (Andrew) Abdo, disclose some of what’s happened, but out of respect for the personal nature of what it actually is about, it will be kept out of the written submission.

“Whether that damages Ricky in his overall fight to not get suspended, I don’t know. When I asked him about that he was prepared to live with the consequences of that.”

Rothfield confirmed that the NRL is “aware” of “all the personal details” and while Stuart has not revealed anything publicly, he “did tell the Integrity Unit every single detail.”

Rothfield added: “This is something that’s been boiling away at him for over a decade and he hasn’t been able to have closure on it. It’s his own kids from him… I’m not defending him but I’m trying to give context on what triggered what happened.

Kent, who had also heard about Stuart’s looming one-game suspension, slammed the NRL for entertaining a suspension when the investigation had not yet completed.

“The investigation is not even over yet and you’re saying — and I’ve heard the same — one game for Ricky,” he said.

“I’ve got no problem with them fining him, but to suspend him for this… (News Corp journalist) Dave Riccio was speaking on radio saying how the NRL has come out and basically for some time now has been saying coaches aren’t ‘t paying enough attention to the ends, we might need to start suspending them.

“That’s in one area, then in the second area we’ve got all these people saying this is well-beyond what anyone else has done so he needs to be suspended. The two things don’t actually correlate, yet people are marrying it up together to give him one game.

“It looks like a Kangaroo court the fact that the disciplinary hearing is not even over and we’ve all heard he’s going to get a game — it’s not even over yet.”

However, news corp journalist Michael Carayannis believes the ban is “fair.”

“I would have much rathered if Ricky confronted Jaeman after the game in the sheds and sprayed him one-on-one… but you can’t be doing that in public. He essentially slandered him — he can’t be unpunished,” Caryannis said.

“I think the one-game suspension is fair. You can’t be doing that.”

Kent reiterated that the issue for him is the suspension, to which Caryannis asked “what’s the deterrent then?”

Meanwhile, Rothfield revealed that Stuart will be the first coach to cop a one-game suspension.

“It’s never ever happened before in the game,” he said.

Originally published as NRL’s punishment for Ricky Stuart over ugly spray revealed as ‘kangaroo court’ slammed


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