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Now You Can Hang Up an iPhone Call Using Siri

With the recent updates in iOS 15, the on-device Siri feature is surprisingly consistent at doing on-device tasks like setting timers, alarms, reminders, and calling people. In fact, placing calls is something that Siri has always been good at, and it does an equally good job for cellular calls or FaceTime calls. Now, with a new feature in iOS 16, Siri can end calls for you, as well, all hands-free. This is really useful if you talk on the iPhone speakers a lot, or if you use wireless earphones like AirPods or Beats.

(note: This is an iOS 16 feature and is currently only available as a public beta. With the iOS 16 public release slated in the fall, it will be available to every compatible iPhone across the globe.)

Once you have iOS 16 installed, go to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Call Hangup and enable the “Siri Call Hangup” feature. Now, say the wordsHey Siri, hang upto put a call to bed. Of course, the caller will also hear those words, which may seem a bit odd to them, but you can decide for yourself whether that small awkwardness is worth it for the hands-free convenience and freedom.

If you don’t see this feature in Settings, it might be because your device isn’t supported. According to Apple, only the iPhone 11 and above are supported. But older iPhones can use this feature along with AirPods and Beats earphones that support the Hey Siri feature. Initially, this feature is also limited to these seven languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese.

While you’re in the Siri settings, take a look at our guide on annoying Siri settings that you should change for some peace and quiet.

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