New map of CS:GO: Tuscans full release now available in Steam Workshop – Michmutters

New map of CS:GO: Tuscans full release now available in Steam Workshop

Car maker Brute and Catfood completed the CS:GO work of Tuscan, one of the most iconic maps from Counter-Strike.

This Tuscan remake is being developed for the first time since at least 2020 when a number of people called Nors3 invited to practice a series of tests, and to inspect how far this is done. In CS:GO the first version of Tuscan was revealed on a tour that was made by former professional player and current streamer Erik fl0m Flom in February 2021.

The full release of Tuscany is now out on the workshop, said Catfood today. I wish everyone a good game.

The full release of Tuscany is already over at the workshop! I wish everyone well and have fun! Download link: – a download link from our website.

catfood (@catfoodplans) August 8-2022.

The Battle of Tuscan is a bombed defusal map created in 2007 by Brute and became the most popular map in the game. Since the game was called for in 2012, the community pushed for a port for CS:GO, but only in 2019 rumors were floating about that a rework will be done.

The official release of Tuscan for CS:GO comes a few weeks after Gabe Follower, a famous CS:GO leaker, said that the official developers of Valves FPS were testing Tuscan and a new map named Prime.

After Tuscans’ work is done, it can’t get to CS:GO’s official active map pool – in case Valve wants to add it and replace one of the maps there. For now, only the most enjoyable thing players can do is download it on the Steam workshop and play custom games with friends.

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