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New Chip Powers LiDAR Beam Steering—Uses Silicon Optical Phased Array for Multiple Purposes

Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark have developed a way to make a chip that focuses on LiDAR for smaller beam steering and more affordable for its multiple uses in different applications. The main purpose of the research is to provide a new way to power devices that focus on changing directions for radiation patterns.

There are multiple applications for this new device, all bordering on different industries for when its use is available.

Silicon Chip Uses LiDAR for Beam Steering-How Important Is It?

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According to the researchers from the Technical University of Denmark, the group focused on a two-dimensional aliasing-free beam steering regime for integrated optical phase arrays (OPA).

Their work, published in Optica’s publication entitled “Silicon optical phased array with a 180-degree field of view for 2D optical beam steering,” brings significant information on the new chip that uses LiDAR for optical-based beam steering.

It also employs a 2D optical beam steering with a 180° field of view (FOV).

According to the researchers, the “OPA chip is manufactured on a silicon photonic platform and can be produced at high volume in CMOS foundries at a low cost.”

SciTechDaily reports that the researchers are further improving their study on the new OPA chip. It aims to decrease to achieve beam steering with a higher resolution and a longer range.

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LiDAR Beam Steering: Smaller and More Affordable Chips

The LiDAR 2D optical beam steering that gets its power from the silicon photonic platform is more affordable than mechanical ones, and it is smaller compared to other creations. It only means that it has the capability for mass production for different devices, and brings more to the public in their use for autonomous driving, virtual reality, and more applications.

LiDAR Technology in the World

LiDAR is a way that manufacturers use their technology using light and have its map different places to know certain depths and map different places with its functions. One of the most significant focus of LiDAR is Tesla’s application for its Full-Self Driving (FSD) beta that focus on mapping the environment for autonomous driving.

Another significant application for LiDAR technology is for AR effects that different companies have on their experiences and products for all. One of the companies that employ this is the Chinese short video social media, TikTok.

Apple also applied LiDAR for its iPhone 12 models that transitioned to the current iPhone 13, and it allows people to create AR experiences using the application.

However, its simplified application for modern social media platforms bring LiDAR a different view and experience apart from its other use and functions. The use of LiDAR via chips and beam steering from the recent research is a significant way to improve its development and use for creating different experiences available to the world.

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