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Nanoleaf celebrates 10th anniversary with Ultra Black Shapes smart lighting panels

It’s been 10 years since Nanoleaf launched its first smart light panels and changed the way we light up our room and – if you get in quick – you can get your hands on the limited edition Ultra Black Shapes Triangles.

The regular Nanoleaf triangles are white, but the company decided on a whole new look for a limited time with the black triangles.

Tech Guide looked at these new Nanoleaf Ultra Black Shapes which were released to celebrate Nanoleaf’s 10th anniversary.

Being black they blend in with a darker wall which makes the lighting effects even more dramatic when it is activated.

The starter kit comes with nine triangular panels ($369.99) and the expansion pack adds three more triangles ($129.99).

Despite the black colour, the Nanoleaf triangles still offer the same color and brightness that you can with the white triangles.

And you can also control them in the same way and apply different patterns and adjust the brightness.

They can also be set so the light changes and moves to the beat of your music.

But because they are a limited edition you really need to get your skates on before they sell out.

These are exactly like the white panels which blazed a path in the smart light market as one of Nanoleaf’s earlier products.

We’ve since seen other Nanoleaf products like the Canvas squares, lightstrips, bulbs, smaller triangles, the Elements with the wood grain panels and, most recently, the Nanoleaf Lines.

The Nanoleaf limited edition Ultra Black Shapes Triangles are available now for a limited time.

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