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MultiVersus hitbox, hurtbox systems getting “big overhaul”

Time for things to feel more fair.

Multi Versus hitbox, hurtbox systems will receive a “big overhaul”, according to game director Tony Huynh.

For those unaware, a character’s hitbox is an invisible barrier around a character that determines if the character is colliding with something, and the hurtbox is a similar barrier that determines places that a player can have damage inflicted upon them.

Huynh provided the information in response to a fan on Twitter, saying some hitboxes and hurtboxes aren’t aligned or working as desired.

“We’ll be looking at Finn in sections, we are working on a big overhaul of our hitbox/hurtbox system so don’t want too many moving parts,” the director wrote.

Fans on Reddit are complaining about Finn and his moveset, with numerous instances of Finn managing to get hits when he shouldn’t technically be able to.

Originally planned for 10 August here in Australia, Multi Versus‘ first season has been delayed indefinitely — likely to implement fixes like the ones Huynh has highlighted.

Multi Versus is available on Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5. We previewed it here and have criticized its microtransations right here.

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