‘MultiVersus’ hit detection system to get “big overhaul” – Michmutters

‘MultiVersus’ hit detection system to get “big overhaul”

MultiVersus will be getting a “big overhaul” of its hit detection system, the game’s director has confirmed in a series of tweets.

Tony Huynh tweeted about a new update that had been added to the game which fixed bugs affecting Tom & Jerry, Jake and some of their specific moves. A follower replied and asked whether Finn would be getting a nerf in the future as the character had moves that were too powerful and broke through opponents’ attacks too easily.

Huynh replied that they were planning to look at Finn “in sections” because there is going to be a “big overhaul” of the game’s hitbox and hurtbox systems. The hitbox is an invisible box that shows the range of space an attack can cover, whilst the hurtbox sits on top of a character and determines where they can take damage.

Due to not wanting “too many moving parts”, Huynh confirmed that MultiVersus would be overhauling the system slowly, presumably in order to not make things worse before making them better. It remains to be seen exactly what is getting reworked, but it could mean hits are easier or harder to land on opponents depending on which way Player First Games chooses to tweak its systems.

The open beta for MultiVersus was launched at the end of July with the first season expected August 9, but this has now been pushed back indefinitely and a new date is yet to be confirmed.

In other news, Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy almost had a human-sized Rocket Raccoon, with the height taking revisions before being finalized.

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