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Multiple Call of Duty games are down across all platforms

Activision’s online service page has confirmed that multiple Call of Duty games including — Vanguard and war zone are experiencing connectivity issues on all platforms. According to a report by Dot Esports, Activision is aware of the issues faced by these games (including Black Ops Cold War on all platforms and Black OpsIII on PC) and is investigating the cause.
Moreover, some users have also reported issues regarding Modern Warfare and Black Ops 4, however, Activision has listed any issues regarding these games. The server outage was initially reported by BO4 connection on PlayStation 4, the report mentions.

How this outage has impacted the game and players
As per the report, the developers are likely working hard to patch this issue, however, it will take some time before they resolve it. This outage will deduct a little bit of time out of the Double XP week that recently began for both weapons and the battle pass in Vanguard and Warzone.
Apart from that, the connectivity problems have also affected the Call of Duty League Championship which is also the biggest COD event of the year. The championship has been experiencing a delay since the outage. The report suggests that the league seemed ready to start the second match of the tournament right around the time the servers dropped.

How to understand when a server starts falling
As the server of a game starts struggling, players will start experiencing lag, high ping, and packet loss along with complete loss of connection to the server while playing it. There are a few fixes that can temporarily patch the issue, however, only the developers can roll out a permanent solution to the problem.


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