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MSI introduces Arc A380 low profile graphics card

MSI introduces its first Intel graphics card

The Arc A380 is now available with MSI prebuilt system.

MSI Arc A380 graphics card, Source: MSI

The first of the big AIB brands has now joined the Intel Arc hype train. The company has just unveiled its new low-profile graphics card based on the Arc Alchemist GPU. Unlike the GUNNIR and ASRock models, this card is based on pure Intel reference specs, this means no factory-overclocking and nominal TDP of 75W. The clock speed has been unchanged and remains at 2000 MHz. The Arc A380 from MSI features 6GB of GDDR6 memory clocked at 15.5 Gbps.

Just a few days ago a rumor surfaced that the first board partner is ditching its plans to produce Intel Arc GPUs. Although it wasn’t mentioned directly, the story did suggest it was MSI. Therefore, the showcase of this new card may be a confirmation that those rumors were inaccurate, or this is just a very small production run. For now, this card is only available in a prebuilt PC sold exclusively on Chinese JD website.

MSI Arc A380 graphics card, Source: MSI

MSI’s prebuilt is available in three different configurations, each features the same Arc A380 graphics card and either Intel H510M or H610M Bomber motherboard. The only difference is the CPU. The cheapest model features Core i3-10105F, while other configurations get i5-10400F or i5-12400F. The price varies from 3599 RMB (532 USD) to 4399 RMB (650 USD)

Source: MSI / JD

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