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More signs could prevent selfie deaths

More warning signs at a popular lookout spot in Victoria’s west could have prevented a woman’s deatha coroner has found.

Rosy Loomba was taking a photo with her husband at the Grampians’ Boroka Lookout in December 2020 when she fell to her death.

Mother Rosy Loomba tripped over the edge of the Boroka Lookout in Halls Gap. (Supplied)
The Boroka Lookout in Halls Gap. (Nine)

Mrs Loomba died from multiple injuries, including skull fractures and a dislocated spine.

While the lookout spot is fenced off, Ms Hawkins said it was common for people to climb over the “easily scaled” wire fence to take photos on the rock ledge.

At the time of Mrs Loomba’s death, there were 30 other people waiting to take their photo.

Ms Hawkins recommended Parks Victoria install extra signage in the area that expressly stated people have died and been seriously injured at the location.

A map of the location of the Boroka Lookout. (Nine)

“Mrs Loomba’s death is a reminder of the dangers associated with ignoring signage and fencing which is put in place to keep people safe.”

The coroner’s report noted Parks Victoria installed additional infrastructure and signage at Boroka Lookout this year.

Parks Victoria will provide a written response to the coroner within three months, setting out how the recommendations will be addressed.

“We’re reviewing the existing signage at the Boroka Lookout, including reviewing the recommendations from the Coroner’s Court,” a spokesperson told AAP in a statement.

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