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Melbourne TikToker reveals her dad set her up with boyfriend

A television publicist who swore off dating apps has revealed the unusual way she met her current boyfriend.

Alice James took to TikTok in June while she was getting ready for a blind date when she revealed her father had set her up.

“Three weeks ago I made the decision to get off all the dating apps – I just wasn’t having fun, I was feeling like crap and it was taking it’s toll,” she said.

“Fast forward, last week I was with my dad at the local pub, having a drink and talking sh*t and Dad was like ‘I don’t know if you notice but there is a real hottie sitting at the bar,’” she said.

Ms James, from Melbourne, revealed she had noticed the man as soon as she and her dad had walked into the pub.

“Dad said, ‘Leave it with me’ and he just started chatting about footy with the guy,” she said.

“Then Dad asked, ‘Are you was single’, and the dude was like yeah I am, and Dad was like “My daughter is single, she’s right over there.’”

She said the trio began to chat but when the man went to leave, Ms James’ father insisted the younger duo swap numbers.

She said following exchanging numbers the duo continued to speak and set a plan to meet.

A month later, Ms James broke the news to her dad the pair were officially a couple, calling the man she met at the pub her “boyfriend”.

Followers of Ms James’ account were over the moon, congratulating her on the status of her relationship.

“So good! I bet your dad will love to brag about this,” one person commented.

Another said: “I need your dad as my wingman!”

One person said their own father needed to step up his game and help her out.

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