Matt’s Merrett call, Marshall dominates, Fantasy semi finals – Ep. 536 – DT TALK – Michmutters

Matt’s Merrett call, Marshall dominates, Fantasy semi finals – Ep. 536 – DT TALK

The first week of Fantasy finals have been played with a couple of teams in leagues through to the preliminary finals while others will face sudden death semi finals this week. Roy, Calvin and Warnie have everything you need to help you get on your way to a premiership.

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1:00 – The Traders are facing do-or-die semi-finals this weekend.

3:10 – Stephen Coniglio as a late out upset Roy.

7:30 – A late change at the Saints had Warnie filthy as he missed Rowan Marshall‘s 163.

12:20 – “The torment of it” – one point separated Roy and Calvin.

15:00 – Zach Merrett‘s 172 was a thing of beauty with 135 points scored in the second half.

18:00 – A forward tagging role for ben keays earned him a -3.

9:00 p.m. – Matt, coach of Mottram’s Marvels, joins the boys.

24:45 – A bold captain choice, off the back of a hunch, has seen Matt take a 104 point lead into round 21.

28:50 – It looks like Stephen Coniglio will be available this week.

31:20 – An impending suspension and hamstring injury will see Jay Culley on the sidelines.

34:45 – Brodie Gundy is set to return for the Feet. time to trade Darcy Cameron?

41:20 – Who do you trade out of your backline? Jack Crisp, Nick Daicos or Jayden Short.

45:05 – You have harry himmelberg moved forward again?

47:20 – The Traders’ trades thanks to Toyota.

49:30 – Questions from social media – follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

54:30 – Who goes first: harry himmelberg or James Sicily?

59:50 – The boys celebrate Mason Redman‘s scoring.

1:03:00 – The cupboard is bare for free agents in Fantasy Draft.

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