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Matthew Lloyd’s top seven old-school current day AFL players

Essendon great Matthew Lloyd has named his top seven old-school current day players.

Lloyd said the list was off the back of Brayden Maynard’s performance against Melbourne on Friday night, where the tough 25-year-old set the tone for Collingwood’s win.

lloyd told sports day: “Off the back of Maynard’s game, (I’ve named my top seven) old-fashioned footballer (types) who you loved to see in other eras, in the 80s, 90s, 2000s (etc.).”

Check out his top seven below:

7. James Sicily (Hawthorn)

“I think that I’d love to see him fighting and scrapping in another era.”

6. Jeremy Cameron (Geelong)

“I think with this guy, you can see the glint in the eye sometimes.

“I think he could play in any era and he’s tough, he’s underrated for his toughness.”

5. Mitch Robinson (Brisbane)

“The way Mitch plays, I would love to have seen him in the 90s.”

4. Cam Zurhaar (North Melbourne)

“Cam Zurhaar, I could see him and his build (fitting in with an old-fashioned style).”

3. Joel Selwood (Geelong)

2. Jack Viney (Melbourne)

1. Brayden Maynard (Collingwood)

“What he did at the start of the game and the end of the game (on Friday night), he plays on the edge.

“He rarely gets suspended… I like the way he went to Ed Langdon. Did it well, did it smartly and put a bit of fear into him.”


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