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Masahiro Sakurai Is Almost Out Of Smash Ultimate Screenshots

Sakurai Smash Bros Sora
Image: Nintendo

Even though Super Smash Bros. Ultimate “ended” with the release of the last Fighters Pass character — Kingdom Hearts’ Sora — it still hasn’t felt “over” for us. That’s because Masahiro Sakurai, Mr. Smash Bros. himself, has continued a long-standing tradition of posting a new screenshot from the game every single day.

We’re envious of pretty much all of them, as Sakurai managed to capture characters, locations, and moments in such a perfect way that really understands the characters. In fact, seeing these screenshots every day has brought us a little bit of happiness — and envy. But it looks like this tradition might soon be over, as Sakurai has admitted on Twitter that he’s almost run out of screens!

Calling it a “workday ritual”, the Smash Bros. series director admits he even took an extra 200 “as we were wrapping up development”, which means he’s had some of these stored for a while now!

With today’s announcement, Sakurai shared his next shot — one of Wii Fit Trainer in Flat Zone X bouncing off of the Fire lifenet.

Sakurai hasn’t specified how many screens he has left, but it’s got to be less than 30 if we’re running out this month.

Fans have flocked to Twitter to mourn the end of this tradition, and also thank Sakurai for continuing to share screenshots from the game. The shots regularly rack up thousands of likes and retweets on the platform, so it’ll be weird not seeing them on our timeline every day. But Sakurai deserves a break, for sure.

A few months ago, we rounded up some of our favorite screenshots from Sakurai’s Twitter, so have a little peruse before going on over to his account (where you can also fawn over his adorable kitty) to find some more recent ones.

Have you enjoyed seeing these Smash Ultimate screens every day? Will you miss them once Sakurai have finished uploading them? Let us know!


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