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Marshmello Joins Growing Call of Duty Fanbase in Voicing for a Major Warzone Comeback

There’s no doubt about the fact that ever since Verdansk bid farewell to Warzone, Call of Duty fans have been mostly in shambles. The map was an iconic part of the battle royale from the time when it was released in early 2020.

Now that Caldera and Fortune’s Keep are trying to attain a similar level of popularity as Verdansk, it seems to be not working at all. Simply due to the reason, that the majority of Call of Duty players are still missing their beloved map. They just want it back, no matter what. And now, famous musician Marshmello has made this point very clear. To be precise, he’s joined the campaign along with the fans.


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‘Alone’ and ‘Friends’ maker Marshmello urges Activision to bring back Verdansk in Call of Duty Warzone

American music producer and DJ Marshmello is also known for his love for video games. Apart from being a Fortnite enthusiast, he’s also played Call of Duty, especially the Warzone battle royale since it was first launched. In case you have missed it, in May 2020 he also did a charity Tournament Livestream while playing several matches.

Now everyone is aware of the fact that Verdansk is currently missing from Call of Duty’s highly popular online multiplayer. Ever since it was removed by Activision, most of the fans have been upset as they have no other option than to choose Caldera. While Fortune’s Keep is gaining positive reactions, Verdansk seems to be on a different level altogether due to its connection with the players.


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28 days ago

It looks like even Marshmello feels this pain as he recently posted to tweet on this exact situation. While surprising his followers on social media, he wrote that the map should return as soon as possible. “honestly bring back verdansk please,” the musician wrote.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty fans were awestruck by his tweet as some of them thought he only plays Fortnite. On the other hand, the majority of the followers agreed with the DJ as they, too, want Verdansk back in Warzone. They registered their voices in unison, along with Marshmello. Have a look at the reactions below:


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Call of Duty Warzone is now available on multiple platforms. Players can have it on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via What are your thoughts on the ongoing situation of the battle royale?


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Do you think Activision will consider bringing the iconic map again, now that a celebrity like Marshmello has urged for the same? Let us know in the comments.

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