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Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall rattled by woman’s foot act on plane

Passengers have to put up with a lot of things on flights, but if there is one thing that no one should have to deal with, it’s bare feet in your face.

Whether it’s near you or in your peripheral vision it’s an act that happens unfortunately all too often.

The latest traveler to be confronted by another flyer’s feet was Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall – and she was so shocked by what she had witnessed on a flight, she recorded a TikTok and shared it with her 1.9 million TikTok followers to also feel her pain.

“Breathtaking views at 38,000 – feet,” she British singer captioned the video.

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Jade filmed herself looking stunned before flipping the phone to show a woman a few rows in front with her leg stretched so high, her foot was touching the overhead locker.

In the two days since she posted it, it has already clocked almost five million views and over 13,000 comments with many grossed out by the act.

“I’d be screaming if I’d seen this,” one person wrote.

“I want to cry,” said another, while a third yelled: “WHY DID SHE START POINTING THEM?”

One user described it as “absolutely foul”.

“People are so wrong on a plane – morals, manners and politeness go out the window.”

Others were more concerned for Jade.

“I hope you are OK after experiencing this Jade,” one person joked, to which the star responded: “A little rattled but I’m OK hun.”

“Imagine you did this in a plane and ended up on Jade Thirlwall’s TikTok,” another said.

A cabin crew member also chimed in saying it is her “greatest fear”.

“’Madam, please may you remove your toes from the ceiling?’” she joked.

Others complimented the woman on her manicured toes while some wished they were “that flexible”.

“I’d be p**sing myself trying not to laugh,” one user added.

Some couldn’t believe the man sitting next to her was completely unfazed.

“The fact the person next to them is talking to them like this is a normal occurrence,” they wrote.

However, as much as the passenger’s foot act was the center of attention, fans also couldn’t help but applaud the singer for sitting in economy, particularly given her popular and successful British band Little Mix has a net worth of £48 million ($ A83 million), according to The Sunday Times Rich List 2020.

“Humble queen not flying private,” one fan commented.

“Imagine being on the same plane as Jade Thirlwall,” another wrote.

It is unclear where Jade was flying to or from, but it comes after she had her phone stolen in Ibiza.

“Shoutout to whoever stole my phone. Not having one for a little while was truly bliss. Anyways, here’s me being a basic b**ch in Ibiza a cutla weeks ago,” she said in an Instagram post alongside a selfie on the party island.

It appears Jade is no stranger to flying on commercial flights.

“I was sat next to her in the airport and didn’t want to bother her for a pic. Regretted it ever since,” one fan wrote.

As for the bare feet, it’s also not the first time something like this has happened.

In May, a passenger was left horrified when another flyer shoved their bare feet onto their seat’s armrest during a flight.

The traveler was flying from Melbourne to Adelaide when the incident occurred

A video shows a person looking at the camera in horror before zooming in on the bare feet poking through from the seat behind and on the armrest.

The passenger then appears to notice they are being filmed and quickly whips their feet back.

Experts have also warned travelers to never be barefoot on a plane.

California-based podiatrist Ebonie Vincent, who is also behind the US TV series, My Feet Are Killing Mesaid that being barefoot leaves travelers exposed to bad bacteria.

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