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LG Project Demonstrates Adaptability of HVAC System

LG’s Australian Business Solutions arm has unveiled a new project at Brisbane’s Stratton Bar & Kitchen which features a MULTI V 5 HVAC air conditioning system.

Created in partnership with Integrated Group, the system performs efficiently and to the unique design of the building. The former airplane hangar is over 80 years old, and features a curved-steel ceiling and spacious footprint which comprises a 150-seat dining area, as well as a bar and function space.

With no insulation, the owners sought a system that could effectively cool and soundproof the space without taking away from the aesthetic.

“The challenges we faced were essentially converting a shed with no thermal properties and no acoustic properties into a hospitality venue that would be around for years to come,” says Stratton Owner Ben Brown.

lg stratton bar restaurant

“Given the unique nature of the space, it was very important to us that the air conditioning units were both functional and aesthetically pleasing.”

Integrate Group was approached by Stratton to design the system’s capacity. The engineering group found that approximately 180kW of air conditioning would be required to suitably cool the venue.

“The LG MULTI V 5 system was chosen for the Stratton Bar & Kitchen project based on aesthetics, price and ease of installation. The system’s large capacity outdoor units allowed us to minimize the space and lighten the total load needed for installation, which helped us overcome one of the main design hurdles to keep the space neat and tidy,” says Integrated Group Managing Director, Jerome Higgins.

“The MULTI V 5 provided ultimate installation flexibility for its key components, which aided in our solution to build a mezzanine in the back to house the HVAC system, and not take away from the restaurant’s aesthetics inside.”

Differing cassettes were installed in the dining and bar areas as well as the kitchen. The space now features a bespoke, efficient cooling system that is easily operated through LG’s ThinQ app. The system is able to measure temperature and humidity levels and determine its parameters to achieve optimal energy efficiency and maximum indoor comfort levels.

lg stratton bar restaurant

“At LG, we are passionate about providing innovative technology that supports the ever-changing demands for businesses,” says Brad Reed, Head of B2B Marketing (Solutions for Business) at LG Electronics Australia.

“This project with Integrate and Stratton Bar & Kitchen is a great example of how our HVAC solutions enable a comfortable atmosphere for a variety of business settings, working unobtrusively in the background and adding to the aesthetic of the venue. The technology is what keeps offices, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and other indoor commercial settings cool in the summer and warm in the cool months.”

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