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Kmart fans going wild over new pantry storage hack using Plastic Laundry Container Small

A new $8 Kmart laundry buy is selling out across Australia thanks to one shopper’s “genius” pantry hack.

Sharing on TikTok, customer Amelia – who uses the handle @thesustainablelaundry – revealed how she used the store’s Plastic Laundry Container Small as a food storage solution.

See how she uses the Kmart laundry buy in the video above

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The nifty buy consists of a small container that has a lid which doubles as a 150ml measuring cup.

While the bargain buy is designed to be used for washing liquid and powder, Amelia said it was also perfect for storing pantry staples such as rice.

“This is designed for laundry detergent, but it’s also brilliant for pantry storage!” she said in the video, which has attracted more than 720,000 views.

Kmart’s Plastic Laundry Container Small retails for $8. Credit: thesustainablelaundry/TikTok

The video prompted an excited reaction from many TikTok users.

“No way! Runs to Kmart,” said one.

Added another: “I wish I saw this before buying a $10 rice container!”

Write to third: “Omg! I need this! NOW!”

One more said: “We love them in our pantry and laundry!”

The TikTok user noted the buy was also ‘brilliant’ for pantry storage. Credit: thesustainablelaundry/TikTok

But some were skeptical of the hack, worried that the plastic used in the container may not be safe for foods.

“This is a fantastic idea! But I’d be so scared it’s not food safe plastic,” responded on TikTok user.

Another said: “Yes, but is it BPA free?”

Others, however, weren’t as concerned.

One more joked: “Ran to the comments for food safe warriors.”

Added another: “Not all of you caring if a container is BPA free but probably smoke, drink, swim in public pools and eat Macca’s.”

The $8 buy comes with a 150ml measuring cup lid. Credit: thesustainablelaundry/TikTok


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