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KFC launches plant-based popcorn chicken, Wicked Wings

Fans of fast food giant KFC have gotten a hot new take on a favorite menu item for a limited time only – but not everyone’s convinced.

KFC has announced a new meat-free option that takes the iconic spice of Wicked Wings and packs it into delectable bite-sized morsels known from the fast-food giant’s Popcorn Chicken.

Wicked Popcorn is completely plant-based – however the menu item is currently only being trialled at select outlets in NSW.

A sampling of the Wicked Popcorn in news.com.au’s newsroom had those tasting it divided.

“The weird fake chicken is actually pretty good?” one offered, while another admitted, “I think I prefer it to normal popcorn chicken.”

But not everyone agreed – others found it “rubbery” and that it “tasted like broccoli”.

From August 9 to September 5, Wicked Popcorn, the Wicked Popcorn Bowl and Wicked

Popcorn Combo can be purchased from 14 KFC restaurants on the South Coast.

In addition, KFC has dropped a brand-new Lime Ranch dipping sauce to combine spicy, zest and crunch.

Sally Spriggs, CMO at KFC Australia, commented: “We’re excited to serve up Wicked Popcorn – an innovative product that offers more choice on our menu.

“We’re always looking to treat our fans with new products, so we hope they’ll enjoy this meat-free option which offers that great KFC taste our fans know and love.

“South Coast locals should head down to KFC for the limited-time offer and try it while they can.”

The Wicked Popcorn can be purchased from the 14 restaurants or the KFC app.

A snack-sized Wicked Popcorn and Lime Ranch sauce retails for just $2.95.

The offer is for a limited time only.


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