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Jennifer Hawkins ‘unrecognizable’ in resurfaced mag cover

Social media users were left stunned on Tuesday after Instagram account Celeb Spellcheck shared a series of magazine covers, including an old Ralph cover with Jennifer Hawkins looking ‘barely recognisable’.

The cover, which was from 2004, featured the former Miss Universe Australia posing for the cameras in a red bikini.

Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins is ‘barely recognisable’ in a resurfaced magazine cover shared by Instagram account Celeb Spellcheck. Photo: Getty

“Jennifer Hawkins, Mistress of the Universe!” the headline read.

Instagram users were shocked at how different Jennifer looked, with one user writing, “Wow Jen Hawkins is unrecognizable.”


“Bloody hell didn’t even realize it was her!” another agreed. “How does she look so different? How old was she here?!”

“I would never have known that was Jen Hawkins!” a third said.

“Didn’t recognize Jen Hawkins 😮,” someone else added.

Jennifer Hawkins Ralph magazine

Social media users had no idea it was Jennifer until they saw her name on the cover. Photo: Ralph Magazine via Instagram/Celeb Spellcheck

“Doesn’t even look like her,” yet another agreed, with one person adding, “She’s barely recognizable in that pic ay.”

Others joked that the early 2000s was the “golden era of Photoshop” and that the magazine covers were “honestly iconic.”

“Before lip fillers, eyebrow feathering and Botox,” another said.

Jennifer Hawkins

Jen has never revealed whether or not she’s had any plastic surgery, instead saying, ‘I am happy with who I am as a person and really just want to live my life.’ Photo: Getty

Jennifer appears to have fuller lips and thicker brows nowadays, however, the model has never admitted to having any work done, telling The Australian Women’s Weekly in 2014, “When someone says ‘under the knife’ I don’t have a reaction.”

“Everyone in the industry gets that. That’s fine. I’m cool with that. I’m cool with people having an opinion, but as I said, I am happy with who I am as a person and really just want to live my life.” life.”

She’s also previously told The Daily Telegraph it’s a personal choice to get plastic surgery, saying, “Each to their own!”

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