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In pictures: Garma Festival was a colorful celebration of cultures

After a three-year hiatus due to COVID, Garma Festival has made a return in the Northern Territory, during a historic weekend.

The event is considered the leading Indigenous cultural exchange event and a national hub for major forums with discussion, policy and action formulation.

The festival brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through youth forums, art gallery, music, film, song, dance and expo exhibitions.

Take a look at all the color from the weekend below.

Dancers holding sticks with yellow body paint.
Dancers performed to open the festival. (ABC: Michael Franco)
Anthony Albanese in front of Aboriginal performers playing the didgeridoo
The Prime Minister and Galarrwuy Yunupingu enjoyed the opening performance. (ABC: Michael Franco)
Marcia Langton at a podium.
Marcia Langton spoke at a forum on the Friday. (ABC: Michael Franco)
A dancer with white body paint performing
Dancers opened the key forum on Saturday. (ABC: Michael Franco)
Four women standing and a man sitting in front of colorful Yidak didgeridoo.
The Gurruwiwi family are seen with a memorial for old man.(ABC: Michael Franco)
A woman painting a didgeridoo
Jennifer Gurruwiwi painted a yidaki during the festival. (ABC: Michael Franco)
Portrait of a girl with butterfly face paint.
Face and body paint featured throughout the festival. (ABC: Michael Franco)
A band performing on a stage with a poster that says "garma" at the front of the stage.
The main stage saw plenty of performances across the weekend.(ABC: Michael Franco)
A mother and baby with traditional indigenous face painting
Nyassha Horne, and Solman Gurruwiwi, 2, were part of the final ceremony on Sunday.(ABC: Michael Franco )
A group of people dressed in rainbow tie dye dancing
The evening Bunggul had plenty of colour. (ABC: Michael Franco)
A group of people watching performers
Galarrwuy Yunupingu sees off the dancers performing for the evening Bunggul on Sunday. (ABC: Michael Franco)

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