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Here’s the first footage of ‘Deadrop’ the shooter from Dr Disrespect’s studio

Midnight Society, the studio from banned Twitch streamer Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, AKA Dr Disrespect, has revealed the name and details of its new Escape From Tarkov-like shooter, Deadrop.

Dubbed a “vertical extraction shooter,” Deadrop is now available as a demo for those who paid for the Founders Access Pass as part of Midnight Society’s rollout of the game.

Playable builds will be released every six weeks, with some YouTubers sharing footage of how the game looks and plays so far (via VGC).

According to Geeky Pastimes, there’s not much in the game so far, with one gun usable at this point. There’s also a firing range with a dummy that parts can be shot off of, with a small slice of the world showing off the aesthetics and visuals as well.

At present no more Founders Access Passes can be claimed, as Midnight Society notes: “Founders Access Pass applications closed. All Series 0 Patches claimed.”

At this stage so much of Deadrop can change, from the weapons, movement and online integration (which doesn’t feature in the currently available build), with more coming to those with access every six weeks.

Whilst the core mechanics of Deadrop are still somewhat unknown, it’s been described by Midnight Society as a game with the “essence” of an arena shooter and the scale of a battle royale game, with core mechanics similar to extraction-based shooters.

A main point of difference in Dr Disrespect’s game appears to be the “vertical” aspect of Deadropwhich trades out large flat islands and arenas for a play space that’s skyscrapers instead.

Project Moon. Credit: Midnight Society

Set during the “climate wars,” Deadrop is in a world filled with refiner states, mega structures that extract toxins from the atmosphere. Each tower is its own city-state that exports space dust.

Midnight Society is made up of a number of ex-Halo and Call Of Duty developers, with co-founder Quinn DelHoyo, previously the lead sandbox designer for halo-infiniteand other co-founder Robert Bowling, a former community manager at Infinity Ward.

In other news, the director of Skull & Bones has explained how the game’s narrative and land mechanics will work when it releases this November.

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