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‘Halo Infinite’ August update will improve player customization

343 Industries has detailed the upcoming halo-infinite August update, which will feature even more player customization options.

Sharing in a new blog post, 343 has confirmed that halo-infinite‘s next Drop Pod update is set to arrive on August 9 and will focus specifically on “improving the player experience,” quality of life changes, and other fan-requested features.

As of right now, players have access to a collection of visors that are split across five armor cores, but with the new update, Halo Infinite will allow unlocked visors to be used interchangeably between all of the game’s armor cores instead. This means all visors in the game will work across all helmets in the game.

Credit: 343 Industries

Another update to helmets will allow for certain Mark VII helmet attachments to be worn across multiple Mark VII helmets. “This is a response to player feedback we’ve seen requesting an expansion of the compatibility of Mark VII helmet attachments,”343 explained, adding that it was difficult because most helmet attachments for the Mark VII core are designed to fit a specific helmet, while some also fit well on other Mark VII helmets.

The team managed to work around the issues, which involved avoiding awkward clipping and large holes, in the helmets, but 343 noted that while not every Mark VII helmet will be able to use every helmet attachment, the total number of options has been “greatly increased.”

halo-infinite multiplayer will also be getting some tweaks. The Drop Pod will be introducing a ranked Doubles playlist and social Team Doubles playlist two weeks after the update drops. 343 is also eventually going to let players select their matchmaking region for faster search times.

Finally, players’ active Challenges will also be viewable while in a match on the pause menu when the update goes live, allowing for easier access.

In other news, Capcom is going to reveal Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s first major post-launch update next week.

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