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Hairdresser reveals sick ‘happy ending’ texts

An Asian-Australian hairdresser has posted what she claims is one of hundreds of text messages from male clients asking her to perform sex acts on them.

Amy Tran, who owns the Walk In Barber Shop in Geraldton, Western Australia, said she’s fed up with customers who assume “Asians are mostly prostitutes”.

Since opening her shop two years ago, Ms Tran said she has been asked to provide lewd services such as “happy endings” almost every day so she’s decided to start publicly shaming those who overstep the mark.

“Enough is enough,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“I can’t take it anymore.”

The hairdresser of 15 years posted screenshots of a text exchange with a male customer to the Facebook page “Geraldton Neighborhood Watch” in an apparent bid to detect others.

“I would like to book in for a shave and trim with a happy ending please text me a time and cash amount,” the man’s first message reads.

“What happy ending are you asking about?” Ms Tran replied, to which the customer responded: “Just nice rub to unload please!”

Ms Tran told the man: ‘I don’t do a happy ending! You have to stop this, ”and she threatened to report him to local police.

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In her post, Ms Tran pleaded with others not to mistake her hairdressing services with those of a sex worker.

“I am often looked down upon by others because I am Asian,” she wrote.

“Many people think that Asians are mostly prostitutes, so I am often texted or harassed by customers at the store.

“I believe there are many other women who have the same problem as me but the difference is that they don’t dare say to say it because they are shy or don’t want people to judge them.”

Ms Tran also included the man’s personal phone number.

“If anyone is a relative of the person with the phone number below I hope they will find out the true face of the husband and father they are living with,” she wrote.

She ended the post by saying she hoped others wouldn’t do things that “affect the work psychology, joy or vitality” of others.

“I am just a barber. Please respect. Barber only,” Ms Tran added.

Many residents of the mining town were quick to come to her defense with dozens of Facebook users condemning the “disgraceful” request.

“That is disgusting and no one should have to be subjected to such disgraceful and disrespectful behaviour,” one woman wrote.

One man slammed the customer as a “sad individual” and encouraged Ms Tran to “rise above” and leave it “along with the person who felt it in the gutter”.

“So sorry you have to deal with this revolting creep and others like him,” another wrote.

“Hold your head high and good on you for posting this sicko’s number.”

One woman said she had received the same request midway though a haircut and urged her fellow hairdresser to “stay safe”.


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