Hacking company AimJunkies subpoenaed Google, PayPal, and Valve to prepare for legal battle with Bungie over Destiny 2 – Michmutters

Hacking company AimJunkies subpoenaed Google, PayPal, and Valve to prepare for legal battle with Bungie over Destiny 2

AimJunkies, a company that designs and sells ‘cheat software’, software that allows players to cheat in video games, is fighting back against destiny 2 developer Bungie. AimJunkies are fired off subpoenas towards Valve, Google and PayPal to gather information for their fight.

Last year, Bungie filed a lawsuit against AimJunkies, accusing the company of copyright and trademark infringement. AimJunkies countered, saying that “cheating isn’t against the law” and that the claims of copyright infringement lacked substance and proof.

In May, the courts agreed with AimJunkies on one count — Bungie failed to provide “sufficient evidence” for the copyright claim against the ‘destiny 2 Hacks’ sold by AimJunkies. Although the original case was dismissed, the courts did allow Bungie to file a new complaint to address the problems, which Bungie did almost immediately.

First spotted by TorrentFreak, the hackers are preparing for this new round of legal battles by subpoenaing Google, PayPal and Valve for information that will help them through the discovery process. From Valve, the hacker company aims to collect information about destiny 2 player counts dating back to 2017, as well as monthly sales numbers. The company plans to use this information to disprove the claim that AimJunkies is harming Bungie as a company.

“Bungie claims that we caused grievous harm to their game when in fact some of their most popular months of player counts and sales were during the time AimJunkies offered their software products. We believe and intend to gather actionable proof of that and disprove another one of their wild assertions,” Phoenix Digital, the original creators of the cheating software, stated.

Phoenix Digital went on to suggest that their programs are no different from officially-sanctioned programs, such as Valve’s Steam Overlay. Steam Overlay adds a toggleable window over the game to allow you to view your friends list and chat with other players.

Bungie is not taking legal threats lying down. A judge recently ordered a privacy app to release the names of racist Destiny 2 players, after the players allegedly sent in threats of harm and arson to private residences and phone numbers. After the rounds of harassment started pouring in — over a video game item, mind you — the destiny 2developer opened up about the harassment it faces even to this day.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.

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