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Guilty Gear Strive’s most fan requested characters survey results revealed

Arc System Works has released the results of a certain survey regarding Guilty Gear Strive. Fans of the series were asked which playable characters they’d like to play in Guilty Gear Strive in the future. Those who were able to fill out the survey were able to select up to three choices.

This question was asked of the five regions — North America, South America, Europe, Japan, and Korea. Needless to say, a top 10 list for each region was created as a result.

It seems that the overall winners across all five regions were Slayer and Johnny. Slayer ended up placing in first place in the North American and European regions. He also made second, fourth, and seventh in the South American, Korean, and Japanese regions respectively.

Fans had the option to suggest that a guest character join Guilty Gear Strive’s roster. Although this idea made the top 10 for the North American, South American, and European regions, this concept didn’t break the top 10 for the Japanese and Korean regions.

It seems that both the Japanese and Korean regions would rather see Order Sol rejoining the fight than to have a guest character get added. Outside of these two regions, Order Sol only made tenth place in the South American region.

Despite having a major role in the Guilty Gear storyline, Asuka only made the top 10 in the European, Japanese, and Korean regions. Even then, it’s worth noting that Asuka placed ninth and tenth in the European and Korean regions respectively.

As it was revealed recently with the Guilty Gear Strive Season 2 roadmap, the first Season 2 DLC fighter coming to Guilty Gear Strive will be available before the end of Summer 2022, which should be relatively soon.

After the sixth DLC fighter is released in Summer 2022, we have the seventh character joining in Fall 2022. Following that, we’ll have to wait until 2023 for the eighth and ninth characters.

At least some of the DLC characters that have yet to be announced are likely to be popular choices from the survey. If Arc System Works is going purely by this survey, then we should probably expect Slayer and Johnny to join at some point.

Check out the recently released survey results below:

Guilty Gear Strive Character Survey image #1

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